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HONOH is located at the Hong Kong Science Park (HKSP). The HKSP is a high-tech infrastructure situated on the Tolo Harbour waterfront in Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong. HKSTP provides a cluster environment where both local & global high-technology companies as well as experts from the Industries can come together to generate a major force to the global IT development.

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Another area of our focus is to provide a fully customized mobile terminal solution for the Professionals sectors e.g. Public Safety, Utilities, Transport, Military, and Local Governments.

The use of mobile data devices in various professional sectors is the coming trend of the future. With wireless technology being a prime area of concern and development in the 21st Century, users from the Professional sectors will be advantageous from fully utilizing the use of handheld data management device such as Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), PDA together with Airbus Defence & Space Terminal Terminals. As a result it will infinitely enhance the performance levels of professionals in mobile operational environments.

MDT and PDAs will prove to be the burgeoning trend within the sectors. Hand held portability, TETRA (most advanced PMR technology) connectivity as well as integral features applications offered by HONOH, will set new quality standard of the users' industry. It should also be mentioned that other than TETRA connectivity, other wireless communication systems such as the GPRS, GSM, Onex and UMTS networks are viable options.

HONOH combines a host of technically superior hardware components with the complete resident software solution. Our applications ranged from local language recognition for bi-lingual operation, database access, image communications (incident scene, criminal mugshot images), mobile radio data communications and mobile Internet browsing, to GPS. And in the area of identity verification, we also provide biometrics and facial recognition. A doff of the cap is the smart card reader for when ID cards and vehicle licenses will need to be screened.

About Us

HONOH Limited established in Year 2003 and committed to provide Professional Mobile Solutions.

HONOH high quality wireless handheld solutions for the professionals

HONOH provide a variety of TETRA-based wireless and wired solutions to professionals. We combines a whole host of technically superior hardware components with complete resident software solutions.

Our applications range from local language recognition for bilingual operations, database access, image communications (incident scenes, criminal mug-shots), mobile radio voice and data communications, mobile internet browsing, to Global Positioning Systems. In the area of identity verification, HONOH is able to offer smart cards readers, as well as biometric and facial recognition solutions.

After Sales Services

HONOH considers after sale service to be one of the key factors in ensuring customer's satisfaction. HONOH intends to offer focused and quality service and customise training to our customers. To be able to serve our customers all over the world more efficiently and cost effectively.

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