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Besides the solutions and hardware, we also provide variety of training tailor made for our customers so as to let our customer has a fully understanding of the products. The training course will provide the method to handle the products for usage and for storage. It provides questions and answers section for end users to enquire and have a full understanding of the products.

After Sales Service

HONOH considers after sale service to be one of the key factors in ensuring customer's satisfaction. A satisfactory experience brings more revenues for the company.

HONOH intends to offer focused and quality service and customise training to our customers. To be able to serve our customers all over the world more efficiently and cost effectively.

After sales, our professional sales team will stay in touch with the customers and give them the necessary support. We help them install, maintain or operate a particular product. We ensure the customer is fully understand our products and take feedback of the products and services to extend our services in a higher standard.